Cold Aisle Containment

A coldaisle containment system encloses the server cabinets to keep the
cool air separated from warmer air in the rest of the room.   This allows the cool supply air to pool inside the enclosure surrounding the cold aisle.  A system typically consists of aisle end doors and a roof system built across the tops of the cabinets.  A roof is typically no higher than the top of the rack.  


The savings quickly pay back the initial cost of the system.


Systems and Functions

Cold Aisle containment systems are known for the ease of installation. This is because the containment stays at the top of the data center cabinets. Thus issues regarding above rack obstruction are eliminated.


Structure of Cold Aisle Containment

The typical configuration of a cold aisle containment system consists of aisle end doors and roof or containment roof system. Additionally, containment walls can be used to make up space where missing cabinets or columns are. Smaller containment panels can be employed to make up space where cabinets are not the same height. Also known a cityscape arrangement.


Advantages of Cold Aisle Containment

The key advantage of cold aisle containment is that it addresses the natural property of the cold and thus denser airflow. By containing the supply cold aisle the cold air pulls in such a way so as to provide the same temperature air from the bottom to the top of the cabinets. In this way, IT managers can fully populate cabinet/racks and get more life from a data center.