ASM’s Enviro Panel

The Enviro Panel is the most widely used panel design in the world


     High Strength Welded Steel Cement Filled Floor Panel



Corner Strength Solution

ASM’s panels are a structural marvel: corners are 90 degree deep drawn steel beams filled with high strength cement. Any loads placed on the panel must transfer to the panel corners, and travel through the pedestals to the subfloor. In terms of load bearing, corner strength is factored as absolutely critical to the overall performance of the panel.

ASM’s deep drawn beam corner is a difficult process with regard to its manufacture, but other panel designs that depend only on flattened or crimped steel corners cannot achieve the ultimate load capacity necessary to prevent bending up of corners or dishing panels.

When choosing access flooring, look closely at the strength of the corner area. It’s the ultimate determinant of system performance.


Ultimate Load Capacity

The ultimate load capacity is defined as the point at which panel failure occurs. This point of potential collapse may cause human injury or massive equipment damage.

ASM design and builds its panels to a minimum safety factor of 2.5. That means a 1,000 lb rated panel must support a minimum of 2,500 lbs before failure occurs. In accordance with CISCA test procedures, the panel must accept this load anywhere on the panel’s surface, specifically in the corner. (The load must be placed on an indentor of 1” x 1” maximum size to comply with CISCA testing standards.)

The point of failure or collapse is the single most important indicator of performance. Be sure to look at ultimate load when selecting an access floor panel for your application.

The Ultimate Load is considered the single most important test in the CISCA series, as it indicates when panel failure occurs.  For more details on panel performance, refer to this guide: ASM Performance Charts