Raised Flooring System Understructure

The understructure of raised access flooring is crucial to a successful
installation.  The design of the ASM is a powerful support for your raised flooring.

  • Cornerbolt – Most widely used system for general offices
  • Bolt-Tite – Used when panels are gravity held on understructure
  • Seismic – Strengthened by bolting to the concrete slab
  • Quick Loc (Patent Pending) – Eliminates rocking within the floor

High Strength Stringers

ASM’s new high strength stringers deliver unprecedented strength because of their unique solid tube design. ASM’s tube configuration is structurally superior to the standard U-shaped roll formed stringers offered by other access floor companies in North America. Be sure to specify the tube type stringer with the black vinyl strip, for ultimate strength and quiet durability.


Nickle Chrome Plating: Eliminate the hazards of zinc whiskering

 Zinc whiskering happens when certain electro-plated zinc based coatings are used under the access floor. The zinc in the coating gradually forms zinc particles. These particles can become airport and cause your systems to short circuit. There is a wealth of articles and information regarding this growing phenomenon in the data center environment.

Our pedestal head and adjusting nut are completely chrome nickle plated.

Seismic Braces

For those highest risk seismic projects, ASM offers one, two, three, and four leg seismic braces that can be easily attached to any of our pedestals for ultimate lateral support.

Seismic braces support our flooring system to the building structure such that any movement of the system is in concert with the structure. Providing rigidity and secure attachments to the structure is effective not only in limiting damage to the raised flooring, but as well as minimizing damage to other systems within the building.

Quick Loc System

Best in the industry:  best engineered, best designed

Quick positioning of panels is provided by locating corner tabs on Quick Loc System pedestals that effectively interlock the floor grid and its support structure with the panels.  Tubes and studs are specifically designed to prevent pedestal head rotation.  Dual support of the panel ensures ultimate corner support.



Electrical Grounding: Protect your equipment and data

The access floor panel must be positively grounded to the understructure, providing for less than 10 ohm resistance from the metal top of the panel to the bottom of the pedestal base where the building’s grounding system is attached.