We provide a complete range of access flooring accessories to complete the installation, all of which are completely customizable!

  • Smart Box Electrical
  • Grommets for Cabling
  • Ramps, Steps, and Handrails


Constructed of a high grade galvanized steel frame 2 mm thick with a virtually indestructible Lexan lid. The SmartBox can be supplied empty for site of installation of outlets or pre-wired with a customized variety of electrical, voice, or data outlets to meet every requirement.


  • Boxes are UL approved and listed.
  • Easy to install and very flexible. The box is lightweight and can be used in any access flooring system.
  • Easily installed into 8-3/4” square cut-out.
  • 10-1/2” square mounting lid with insert for carpet finish.



Grommets and trims allow for simple connection of electronics through clean and attractive cut-outs. The face of the grommet slides to provide for cable adjustment.






Ramps, Steps, and Handrails

We provide customized ramp and step systems to accomate any rise scenario, keeping the physical flow smooth and safe.

Our systems meet and/or exceed ADA requirements.